If you are here, that means you might be considering me as your wedding photographer, and I am completely honored. I take that seriously, because documenting history is so important. Before you decide, I know you might want to make sure we will like each other, since we all would be spending so much time together on your wedding day. Here’s a little about me:

I am a wedding + humanitarian photographer based in Memphis Tennessee. Few people call me "Em" but I like the way it looks on signed letters. I grew up playing with gypsy kids and eating fresh veggies along the Mediterranean. I feel at home when I am learning about cultures and exploring new places. "My element" usually involves exploration, quality food, and passionate people (also 64 degree weather with a slight breeze.) I like how coffee brings community more than I like the taste of it. I live for the moment they hand you your printed boarding pass and won’t ever give that up to airlines apps.

I love history and strength in numbers. I strive for my photography to capture emotion, color, and culture. Pursuing empathy has led me to working with humanitarian organizations and non profits, as well as find the humanity and history within weddings.

Now, your turn. I cannot wait to be a part of your passion, your story, and being your friend.